Real Simple : 10 Creative Ideas for Holiday Centerpieces

Here are a bunch of darling holiday centerpiece ideas I photographed for Real Simple. Story by Krissy Tiglias and styling by Elizabeth MacLennan. Love working with these talented girls! Click here for the full story, below are my favorites:

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Heather said...

So darling!

Hanna Lei said...

The ghosts are so cute!

Kathleen Frances said...

Nicole, I don't know if you remember me but it's Kathleen from the site Grosgrain. I attended one of your photography classes in Washington DC. It was so informative BTW! I was wondering if you could give me a quick piece of advice. I'm thinking about switching from fluorescent lights to strobes for indoor shots (I have a little backdrop setup in my basement). What do you find get better natural results. For these photos in this post, did you use artificial light?


nicole hill gerulat said...

Hi Kathleen!

Strobes can be tricky to figure out --I recommend daylight or tungsten setups like TotaLight, but these were all natural light

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Chloe Moon said...

I love those pinwheels!! =)

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Annie said...

so lovely

Prasad Kumar said...

Awww this is pretty amazing! i love those ghostly treats and whirlwind centerpiece. Soooo cute!

Christmas table decorations

marilyn scott said...

Those are very pretty and cute Christmas table decorations especially the last photo, look so sweet. Thanks for the inspiration.