Watercolor Popsicles & Ice Cream

It's 94ºF over here so even though school has started, I don't think our summer weather is going anywhere just yet... which is great, because I have another ice cream story after this one to show you.

Inspired by dreamy watercolors (and doing a little of my own painting), here is the second half of our shoot.

Food Styling: Dana Bonagura
Prop Styling & Art: Brenda Barrett-Taylor


 © 2012 Nicole Hill Gerulat, All Rights Reserved.

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Emily said...

Gorgeous photo shoot as always!


jas - the gluten free scallywag said...

gorgeous. I love the colours - so fresh!

DonaB said...

Oh... So beautiful...
Love it
Cláudia (from Portugal :-)

DonaB said...

Sorry... It was "Kiss"