Top 10 Best Apps for Baby!

I used to silently judge moms who let their babies play apps on their phones. Then I had a baby and realized she was having so much fun learning colors, animal sounds and names, shapes and the abc's through these teaching apps. I've searched high and low for apps with great design and simple teaching concepts. Oh, and apps that can hold her attention. Here is Evie's Top 10 Best Baby Apps:

Peekaboo Wild
It's a Small World
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Wheels on the Bus
Music Sparkles
Make it Pop!
Pat the Bunny
Fish School
Letters A to Z
Animal Sounds for Baby

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Emily Foley said...

I've had that Wheels on the Bus app on my iPod touch for a few years and none of my kids ever care about it. I love it, though, and am always trying to get them to do it. Heh.

Tolman's Heaven said...

Thanks for the app advice you have found. i love hearing about new ones I can use with my daughter.

Another free app I like to use is
Little Reader Touch by Brillkids. Pros: It has different lessons and options so you can select if you want to turn the pages your self or have it done automatically. Cons: The lessons are pretty short so you need to be present when it is over to select a new one.
I also like the Hallmark books that can be read to you or you can read together. You do have to turn the pages.

Chrissi said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering about good apps for my 2 year old. And I also used to be the judgy mom about letting kids use phones too- that is, unless I had one of my own.

sinika said...

Thanks for this! One of our favorite baby apps is "sound touch". It shows real pictures of animals, musical instruments, vehicles, and housewares (washer & dryer, telephone etc.) and they just need to touch it for a sound.

Mama and her boys said...

THank you so much for posting this!!! I have been looking for fun apps for my little ones. I try to use my phone as a last resort, but it is so nice to have when they are melting down.

La Vie est Belle said...

Duck Duck Moose makes the best apps! Nicci Gabriel and her cohorts over there are so clever! (Three our of your top ten!)

Russell said...

Saw a link to this post on Faith's blog and had to comment. I'm huge into Kid apps and am always looking for the best ones.

I've had tons of success with my 1 and 2 year-old girls with any of the Toca Boca apps. They are worth checking out.

Pi'ikea Street also makes some good apps. Their alphabet one is the best.

Finally, I love the Seek & Find apps by Wonderkind Apps. Very cute colored pencil interactive drawings.

rebecca said...

we're big peekaboo wild fans around here too! :) love this list, thanks for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for fun new apps for the kids to try.

Amelia said...

i'm so excited to check these out! thank you!!

GossipGirl2012 said...

High Contrast Shapes for Babies is the BEST Baby app for iPhone, It keeps my baby very entertained. It also has alphabet and numbers one through twenty so its a great tool to teach your baby the basics. :) Here is the link:

GossipGirl2012 said...

High Contrast Shapes for Babies is the BEST Baby app for iPhone, It keeps my baby very entertained. It also has alphabet and numbers one through twenty so its a great tool to teach your baby the basics. :) Here is the link:

94148248-eafa-11e1-a5f8-000bcdcb5194 said...

My daughter loves Toy Store Delivery Truck, Singing City, FlySmacker, Guess Who Silly Shadows and Baby Tap and Learn.

Anton Yanchev said...

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Sarah Topps said...

My 7 month old is going through a difficult patch of not being able to settle at bedtime, which is
quite challenging. I found this app the other day and it really seems to help

quixotic1205 said...

My 2 year old son is super into ipad/iphone games, he even plays "flow" which is an app I downloaded for myself. But ITA, it's not easy to find games that are toddler or baby appropriate (even if it's advertised for kids).

Lately, he's been playing this app called "The Popbits" and loves it! I like it because it's really simple (some apps just have too much going on!), it's good for teaching cause and effect, the characters are cute, and (most importantly to mom) the music is good and not annoying! :).
here is the link:

Kaspars Karo said...

My kid loves Baby Sound he can spend hours with it.
I recommend it if you need to entertain your baby the same time if you want him to learn something new.

Adam Joe said...

Please visit Baby Games for fresh baby games

flinkthink said...

The "Spieluhr" App is the best way for nice dreams :-)

With this App your baby's lullabies is right in your pocket. Just select one of six really nice baby music songs. With the handy timer you can select if the music stops after 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Of course there is also an endless music mode ;-)

Robert C said...

In addition to this great list of apps I would also like to recommend InstaBabyCam.

It's a camera app for iOS that fills your screen with colorful animation and sound to capture the attention of your baby while you snap the perfect photo. It's free to download!

ling jin said...

Easy to learn by baby self
* 500 basic words.
* 6 categories: fruit, commodity, animal, vehicle,marine organisms, national flag.
* Question mode for parent-child interaction.
* Good for memory exercises.
* study cards with cool music and beautiful melody.
* Tap on “the speaker” to learn Standard Pronunciation.
* The process to learn vocabulary has never been so fun!
* Very easy to use.Just click!
* Kids say - they love it! Parents say - they love it!!

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