ACME Party Box Shoot

I recently finished another shoot for ACME Party Box and it was a dream. The garden setting in Palo Alto was the perfect backdrop for these unique parties. Lisa and Cathy do such great work. To see more, please visit ACME Party Box.

©2011 nicole hill gerulat, all rights reserved

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carolina postcard said...

Wow. Sure wish I could pull up a chair to one of those tables right now!

Paper Heart Girl said...

How absolutely gorgeous! I was needing inspiration for royal wedding parties... x

Nicole said...

Beautiful!! As always!

mallory said...

these turned out amazing... the light is to die for on all of them. nice job!

Andrea @ strawberry-chic said...

Lovely pictures! And what fun part ideas, I love the mix of colors and textures!

Sally Mae said...

This post makes me super excited about taking a table top photography class! Do you know of any? ;)

Lindsay Beck Photography said...

oh my goodness me these are absolutely stunning. i could gaze at them forever and still be inspired! YAY

erin said...

so so pretty! i love the pink party :)

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

all your photographs are beautiful

nicole hill gerulat said...

Thanks, Everyone.

Sally Mae:

I will be teaching a tabletop class online in the fall!


Martha said...

All your party shoots have me itching for beautiful weather to throw parties in!

my name is sécia. said...

Just beautiful! Can't wait to throw some great bashes this summer. Those photos are so inspiring!

♥ sécia

Wahzat Gayle said...

these are so super sweet! love them all

emilie said...

I loved everything on this post but especially the mason jar juice boxes. What an amazing idea!!


Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

Your photos are so inspiring. So glad I found you.

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