moms rock

my last months in pregnancy have been soooo much easier because of her. thanks, madre. i love you.

my mom & me -stock shoot sometime around 1989.

+Have you signed up for AW-SLC? A couple classes are just a seat or two away from being sold out!
+ Will I be seeing you in Vegas? Or online for our *NEW* mini classes?

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The King and I said...

You probably get sick of hearing this but, your mom doesn't look like she's aged a day! In the pictures from Kara's wedding, she looks like she could be your older sister!

Figure out what she does and bottle it, you'll make a fortune!

Lynsey Lou said...

I remember coming to your house when we were little and pretending to be pregnant. And you mom told us that she used to sleep with a pillow between her legs (while pregnant) I for some reason never forgot that and used that with every pregnancy! Thanks Aunt Kath!!

severegirl said...

So sweet...I just had my baby in November and it was the first baby I had without my Mom here with me. I missed her so! You are so fortunate to have your beautiful Mom. Squeeze her tight and enjoy all the time you have with her! :) I enjoy reading your blog and love to see the relationships you have with your Mom and sisters! Thank you!