friday feature: andrea fazzari

One avenue of photography I've always been envious of is travel photography. To be able to eat and shoot your way through country after country would be unreal.

Andréa Fazzari has that job. Manhattan-born Fazzari has been traveling the world shooting for clients such as Travel & Leisure, Vanity Fair, Gourmet, GQ and more. She has stayed at the most luxurious hotels, eaten in forgotten countries and photographed the most interesting characters.

Now she is sharing her travel tips and experiences with you on her brand-new (re-design launched today) blog, Fazzari Traveler.

Oh yah... not only is she brilliant with a camera, but she also speaks French and Italian.

Here is our interview, for you:

01. Where have you been the past month or two?
I have been in India (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur), Italy (Sardegna, Venice and Florence) and Spain (Seville).

02. What equipment did you start with? What equipment do you use now?
I started with a Hasselblad and the Pentax 67, which I still use today. I'm a minimalist with my equipment and I adore my camera and lenses!

03. How has your experience in the fashion industry influenced your photographs?
I started as an advertising assistant for Giorgio Armani out of college. That was my first job! Then I did public relations for Dolce & Gabbana here in NYC. I was interested in fashion, art, photography and design, so I knew I wanted to work in fashion once I graduated from college, but didn't think I would/could be a photographer. Being someone who is constantly observing and aware of aesthetics and details, I realize that fashion was just a good stop on the way to becoming a photographer and working for myself. I don't think the industry in and of itself influenced my pictures; it was my life experience that helped shape my interests and led me more specifically to photography.

04. Traveling all the time must get exhausting -how do you do it?
The only time it can be a little bit tiring or taxing is dealing with certain airports and going through security. Jet lag doesn't affect me too much; coming back from Asia is the most difficult, but I just give in to the fatigue and sleep a lot when I return. I have a certain rhythmn and formula for when I travel; I am very used to functioning in in this way and moving around a lot. I actually thrive on it and find it exhilerating...especially when I go to a country I've never been to before. There's nothing like the feeling of new discovery!

05. Meeting and photographing lots of strangers could be very intimidating for most people -has it ever been for you? What do you say to strangers who you'd like to photograph?
No, it is not intimidating for me. I find it exciting. 9.5 out of ten people say yes! When I do approach someone to ask if I can shoot them, I tell them my name, where I am from, what kind of story I am shooting and for whom, that I would like to shoot them and why.......people do detect my sincere interest, and make it happen! I've had some wonderful experiences with some interesting people. People usually get quite excited by being asked.

06. Aside from traveling, where else do you find inspiration?
In films...lots of films. I keep an ongoing list of favorite films from around the world.
Places inspire and / or spectacular views; certain people inspire me a lot for how they look, behave, or how they live. I like observing how people carry themselves and understanding what makes them tick.

07. Where is your favorite place to visit? Sleep? Eat? Relax?
I have too many favorite places, and can never single out one!!
I recently relaxed in's very slow there. Bali was very relaxing too...the sounds of the animals and the rain were enchanting. I'm not sure that I relax in a particular or typical way in NYC. I love Asian food mostly - Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodian, Laotian....but also enjoy eating in Argentina and Brazil....I'm open to many cuisines!

08. Do you have moments -when traveling or shooting- that make you think "I have the best job in the world?"
Yes, I think this way quite often. My work is quite emotional for me.

09. What do you do to keep your clients to continue to hire you time after time? What do you think you offer?
I think I offer elegant and sensual images which show my engagment with the world and reflect the fascination I have with different people and cultures...I like to transmit my excitement for the beauty in the world. I'm also very enthusiastic about my work, and that's always a good thing!

10. What is your most helpful travel tip?
Get Skype on your laptop and's the best and cheapest way to speak matter where I am in the world.

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Stacy said...

Great interview. What a life! It does seem like the ideal life. Photography, fashion, food, travel...sounds amazing. Really amazing pictures!

Erin Masi said...

What a wonderful life!! And such talent!

Diana Hulme said...

Ah, what beautiful photos she's produced! They have such a romantic, deep, seriously gorgeous feel. This was a great interview! Thanks, Andrea & Nicole.

kjewell said...

Wonderful and intriguing! Thank you for sharing.

nycgirl said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview. I guess since I love to travel.

Faith said...

What wonderful pictures. Thanks for this inside look at such an interesting lifestyle/work.

Tracee Breeze said...

I loved this feature!

I also loved how her equipment list was not huge. And that her first job was with Giorgio Armani!

the emily said...

I love every one of those images. They are stunning, and Andrea is fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

Therese said...

Thanks for sharing Andrea, your photographs are so stunning.

kate lines said...

how wonderful. (the last picture is breathtaking.)

Signorina Svizzera said...

I loved this interview! I am currently living overseas, traveling every few weeks/months, and speak french and italian as well. I love being creative and have interned in fashion the past two years. I am now looking for a way to put all these interests together and I was so glad to see that she did!!!

laura graves said...

wow! she is an AMAZING photographer. her work is very poignant and her career is definitely enviable.

Two Mittens said...

I am living vicariously through these images...dreamy!

Jen said...

I looked at the photos before reading and learning she's a travel photographer, and before I knew that I thought, "Wow, these are so exotic!" Lovely interview, as always.

josephine said...

my favorite interview yet! her description of her photographic style shines through in her work and echo my own reasons for falling in love with travel photography.

Andrea said...

I love this interview most perhaps because her life is what I thrive for. Fantastic pictures, she is very inspirational.