friday feature: jennifer causey

Jennifer Causey is a wonderful photographer who specializes in food photography. Many of you may already know her from her lovely blogs Simply Breakfast, Simply Photo, and Before & After.

She has worked on several book projects including Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese's Lines & Shapes. Jennifer has self-published her collections of daily breakfast images from Simply Breakfast in two volumes: Simply Breafast: The Art of Breakfast and Simply Breakfast: More Please. Jennifer also has prints and postcards for sale at her etsy shop.

Here is our interview, for you.

01. What was your big break in photography?

About a year after I moved to New York, I got my first job shooting a small food story for Child Magazine.

02. How did the idea of Simply Breakfast come about?

I found myself constantly taking photos of my breakfast because I loved the arrangement and beautiful colors and textures and combinations. One day on a whim I just decided to start documenting them on a blog.

03. It seems you have so many props at your own home for your daily shot, where have you collected all these items?

I am constantly looking for napkins and plates and small objects that I love. I have picked them up all over. Goodwill, Flea Markets, Vintage stores. I am also fond of a housewares store here in New York called Fishes Eddy. They carry vintage and new unique dishware items. Also, Anthropologie for napkins.

04. Did you find it difficult to continue your daily shoots?

Yes, it became really difficult, so I decided to stop the blog at the end of 2008. It has really taken a lot of pressure off me. I tend to push myself a little too hard sometimes.

05. What has been your favorite photo job to work on so far?

I really enjoyed working on photographs for a bakery in Brooklyn. It was so fun to see the back of house workings of a bakery. I also worked on a book with stylist, Kayte Terry, for Chronicle books that was a lot of fun.

06. What single thing inspires you most?


07. Where do you collect inspiration for your shoots?

Everywhere. Mostly from food itself. I love finding beauty in what is.

08. What equipment are you shooting with now?

A Nikon D300 and I prefer to shoot in natural light.

09. Describe your ideal shoot. (crew, creative team, subject, location, lighting, etc)

My ideal shoot would be a travel story in Japan. I would love to document the daily life of a family. My favorite times to shoot are early morning or late afternoon when the light is unbelievably beautiful. I would try to capture the spirit of the people through food and through the objects the keep in their homes.

10. Have you ever wanted to switch professions?

The only other things I have thought of doing are owning a small café/gallery or becoming a pastry chef. Maybe one day I will.

11. What do you recommend for beginning photographer. (equipment and advice)

I would begin by learning to shoot film. Process and print your own black and white film. Nothing can replace the magic that happens when you see an image appear in the darkroom. Shoot anything that inspires you. Shoot a lot. I would recommend any type of slr that you can manually set. After you master film, you can move onto a digital slr.

Thanks, Jen!

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Darling Dexter said...

great interview! thanks for sharing :)

lejardengirl said...

I love her real life's all about just being aware and living in the momentand seeing the light.great interview, thanks...

chelsea said...

Her photography is so real. I love it. Lately, she's one of my favorites.

M-Ware said...

those pics are so beautiful and clear. thanks for sharing.

Char said...

a great interview - I love her work.

The Sherrard Family said...

love her work! and love the interview! thanks! Nikon D300 is the bestestest!!!

miss large said...

Very nice blog. I love your photos.

Sabina said...

Wonderful interview! I love her blog Simply Breakfast - she is so very talented!!



heather smith jones said...

I always love learning more about Jen. Thanks ladies!

Amanda said...

Thanks for this! What a treat today.

Marie-Eve said...

That is a great interview. Very inspiring. I love her work, simple with soft light.